[转]OVN, Bringing Native Virtual Networking to OVS


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The Open vSwitch team is pleased to announce OVN, a new subproject in development within the Open vSwitch. The full project announcement is at Network Heresy and reproduced below. OVN complements the existing capabilities of OVS to add native support for virtual network abstractions, such as virtual L2 and L3 overlays and security groups. Just like OVS, our design goal is to have a production-quality implementation that can operate at significant scale.

–The Open vSwitch Team

OVN, Bringing Native Virtual Networking to OVS

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OpenStack Neutron Fanout 队列残留

在生产环境中遇到 RabbitMQ 暂停服务,生产者无法生产消息,消费者也消费不了消息。按照经验判断 RabbitMQ 暂停服务要么是磁盘,要么是内存达到 RabbitMQ 的上限。事实证明确实是内存达到上限。删除没用的消息,队列,搞定。

不过问题并没有根本解决,RabbitMQ 作为消息的Broker,在 OpenStack 架构中,它只是消息的代理人,生产者生产消息,消费者消费消息,正常情况下不应该有消息堆积,或者队列残留。… 查看详细